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Cost/Damages Experts

Long International’s Cost/Damages Experts have extensive experience in estimating the capital cost of engineering and construction projects and in the evaluation and quantification of damages associated with construction claims involving the increased time and cost of performance resulting from unresolved change orders, disputed specifications, delays, loss of productivity, project management performance problems, and other causes. In addition, we often calculate damages incurred by the Owner regarding the Contractor’s defective work, decreased production capacity due to a defective design, and actual delay or liquidated damages resulting from the Contractor’s delay in achieving the contractual completion date(s) for the project. In certain cases, the Owner may be the Plaintiff, seeking to recover for increased costs paid to design and construct a project due to the Contractor’s mismanagement.

Our quantum/damages calculations often employ man-hour, quantity, and cost variance analyses, where the Contractor’s responsibility for bid error and performance problems is determined in addition to the Owner’s responsibility for compensable problems. Often, the claimed amounts are found to be overstated, and this comprehensive approach to damages seeks to develop a supportable basis for damages derived from an analysis of problems caused by both parties, contractual risks, and actual man-hours and costs incurred.

In these cost-based claims, direct, indirect and other costs comprise the Contractor’s claimable costs, and our quantum experts and damages consultants perform: 1) technical analyses to isolate changes in scope, timing, sequencing, etc., to which costs are applied, and/or 2) cost variance analyses that compare the original estimate for the work with the actual cost incurred, and correlate the variances to the causes of cost growth. The combination of both methodologies, utilizing detailed engineering analyses and fact finding, combined with careful cost accounting and cost-variance analysis, produces a well supported and compensable claim or presents a strong defense against the validity of the Plaintiff ’s claim.

Long International’s integrated engineering, accounting, and financial experts combine their experience and knowledge to provide an integrated approach to construction claims analysis. We not only seek to identify the technical issues which caused growth in man-hours and costs in the Contractor’s job cost reports, but also we seek to ensure that the costs represented in the job cost reports are traceable to the payroll reports, accounts paid, and general ledger. The result is a claim that has been subjected to detailed cost engineering analysis to help evaluate causation and entitlement, together with a proof of costs incurred arising from the cause.

Our Cost/Damages analysis experience includes the preparation, review, and analysis of the following types of budgets, estimates, and analyses:

  • Conceptual Project Budgets
  • Construction Bid Estimates
  • Lump Sum Estimates
  • Reimbursable Cost Estimates
  • Unit Price Estimates
  • Bid Error Analysis
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • Cost Variance Analysis
  • Change Order Pricing and Evaluations
  • Claims Pricing and Evaluations
  • Material and Labor Cost Evaluations
  • Labor Productivity Loss Analysis
  • Disruption Analysis
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Extended General Conditions Costs
  • Cost Escalation
  • Home Office Overhead Costs
  • Eichleay Formula Calculation
  • Total Cost Claims
  • Modified Total Cost Claims
  • Industry Studies (MCAA, CII, etc.)
  • Measured Mile Analysis
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Actual Damages
  • Discrete Pricing

Our Cost/Damages Experts have testified in court and U.S. and international arbitration regarding our quantum/damages analysis findings and opinions.

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Richard J. Long, P.E., P.Eng,. Founder
Rod C. Carter, CCP, PSP,. President
Steven J. Bieniewicz,. Senior Principal
Harold (Hal) E. Buddemeyer, Jr.,. Senior Principal
Curtis W. Foster,. Senior Principal
Robert J. Lane,. Senior Principal
Ronald J. Rider, MBA,. Senior Principal
Stephen P. Warhoe, Ph.D., P.E., CCP, CFCC,. Senior Principal
John R. Brells, Bsc, ARI, MACES, MAACEI,. Principal – Australia and Southeast Asia
Larry R. Dysert, CCP, CEP, DRMP,. Principal
Scott M. Francis, P.E., PSP,. Principal
Michael T. Gunter, P.E., EVP,. Principal
Michael Harris,. Principal
Douglas A. Kage, P.E.,. Principal
Eric J. Klein, PH.D., P.E., PMP,. Principal
Steven W. Laskey, P.E.,. Principal
Lawrence W. Louie, P.E.,. Principal
William L. Reeves, P.E.,. Principal
Thomas W. Britven, CPA /ABV, CVA, CFE, CGMA, CLP,. Forensic CPA Consultant
Douglas N. Ellis, M.B.A, J.D.. Forensic Consultant
Garrett J. Brown,. Senior Executive Consultant
Brent T. Brewder, PMP. Senior Executive Consultant
Peter F. Franco, P.E.,. Senior Executive Consultant
Richard E. Hussey,. Senior Executive Consultant
Jerry L. Jackson, P.E.. Senior Executive Consultant
Kenny W. McNabb, MBA,. Senior Executive Consultant
Matthew A. Muse, MBA, PMP,. Senior Executive Consultant
Todd W. Pickett, CCP, CEP,. Senior Executive Consultant
R. Neal Rich, P.E.,. Senior Executive Consultant
Andrea L. Valentine,. Executive Consultant
Stacie W. Day,. Manager of Database Services / Cost Consultant
Denise G. Lanxton,. Manager of Administrative Services and Corporate Treasurer
Bonnie L. Long,. Executive Financial/Cost Consultant