Our Staff

Our staff of over 60 professionals have extensive U.S. and international experience on large, complex, grass roots, revamp, and reconstruction projects incorporating conventional-phased, fast-track, or EPC turnkey concepts. Long International’s consultants include chemical, mining, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and program, project, and construction management professionals. Our experts have earned advanced degrees, professional engineering licenses, and project management professional certifications. Our senior personnel have on average over 35 years of experience working for major oil and chemical companies, manufacturing companies, power generation companies, public owners, international engineering and construction companies, mechanical and electrical contractors, construction consulting firms, banks, insurance companies, and financial organizations. This experience encompasses hundreds of projects worldwide ranging in cost from several million to several billion U.S. dollars. We assign senior level consultants with extensive engineering and construction experience to perform the analyses and testify in mediation, arbitration, litigation, or other ADR forums if resolution through negotiation is not achieved.

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Richard J. Long, P.E., P.Eng., Founder and
     Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Avalon, P.E., PSP, Chairman
Rod C. Carter, CCP, PSP, President
Steven J. Bieniewicz, Senior Principal
Harold (Hal) E. Buddemeyer, Jr., Senior Principal
Curtis W. Foster, Senior Principal
Robert J. Lane, Senior Principal
S. Andrew McIntosh, Senior Principal
Ronald J. Rider, MBA, Senior Principal
Michael J. Vallez, P.E., MBA, Lean Six Sigma
     Senior Principal
Stephen P. Warhoe, Ph.D., P.E., CCP, CFCC
     Senior Principal
John R. Brells, Bsc, ARI, MACES, MAACEI
     Principal – Australia and Southeast Asia
George E. (Ted) Brown, Principal
Scott M. Francis, P.E., PSP, Principal
Michael T. Gunter, P.E., EVP, Principal
Michael Harris, Principal
Douglas A. Kage, P.E., Principal
Steven W. Laskey, P.E., Principal
Lawrence W. Louie, P.E., Principal
Sean P. Pellegrino, P.E., Principal
William L. Reeves, P.E., Principal
Tanya V. Miller, MBA, Director of Business Development
     and Corporate Secretary
Jamal F. AlBahar, Ph.D., PMP, VMA, MCIArb
     Managing Director, Middle East – United Arab Emirates,
     Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia
David T. Hulett, Ph.D., FAACE
     Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis Partner
Waylon T. Whitehead
     Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis Partner
Roger D. Asper, FICCP, Senior Executive Consultant
Douglas A. Bassett, P.Eng, PMP, FCIP
     Senior Executive Consultant
James M. Bolin, Senior Executive Consultant
Garrett J. Brown, Senior Executive Consultant
John Cheek, CPE, Senior Executive Consultant
Lance C. Clarke, Senior Executive Consultant
Jeremy M. Connell, Pr. Eng., Senior Executive Consultant
David E. Drips, Senior Executive Consultant
Peter F. Franco, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
Richard E. Hussey, Senior Executive Consultant
Eric J. Klein, Ph.D., P.E., PMP, Senior Executive Consultant
Pete D. Luan, Senior Executive Consultant
Sherard A. McIntosh, Senior Executive Consultant
Kenney W. McNabb, MBA, Senior Executive Consultant
Jeffrey A. Moore, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
Matthew Muse, PMP, Senior Executive Consultant
Douglas K. Oppman, J.D., Senior Executive Consultant
R. Neal Rich, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
James E. Bortz, P.E., Executive Consultant
Chris Kochevar, Executive Consultant
Bonnie L. Long, Executive Financial/Cost Consultant
Christopher J. Sable, Executive Consultant
Andrea L. Valentine, Executive Consultant
Edward A. Wheeler, MBA, Executive Consultant
Denise G. Lanxton, Manager of Administrative Services
     and Corporate Treasurer
Stacie W. Day, Manager of Database Services
Douglas J. Nutter, Manager of Graphic Services
Suzanne C. Sapp, Technical Consultant
Kimberly A. Warhoe, Technical Consultant
R. Alice Nutter, Senior Data Analyst
Brittany N. Crews, Data Analyst