Long International personnel have been involved in numerous claims and project consulting assignments associated with pipelines and pipeline compressor station projects. Many of these projects have been located outside the United States.

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Evaluated a contractor’s claim for environmental and permitting delays, disruption to work activities, changes in scope, and changes in alignment associated with the construction of 70 miles of 20-inch diameter pipeline. The assignment also included the identification and systematic evaluation of major engineering and construction problems and their cause/effect relationship on cost overruns and schedule impacts.
California, Texas
Prepared a cost estimate and schedule for the engineering, procurement, and construction of an artificial island, marine off-loading facilities, sub-sea pipeline, 1,500 miles of 30-inch land pipeline, pumping stations, a communications system, a terminal, and storage facilities for a proposed pipeline project.
Performed an audit of a contractor’s $23 million claim and an owner’s counterclaim on a pipeline project in Alberta. Reviewed contractor’s cost records, schedules, contract, and claim document, and advised the owner on the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position.
On behalf of the owner, evaluated cost overruns and productivity issues associated with the construction of 30- and 36-inch pipelines in British Columbia and Alberta.
Provided litigation support and expert witness testimony (at deposition) related to the review and evaluation of a contractor’s $11.5 million claim for disruption, delay and increased costs associated with the construction of a 28 mile, 36-inch diameter pipeline.
On behalf of the owner, performed an analysis of delay and disruption impacts incurred by a construction company on the revamp of an oil and gas gathering center. The project involved extension of and tie-ins to large diameter, high-pressure crude oil headers and collection pipelines.
On behalf of the owner, evaluated delays to the installation of a natural gas pipeline project caused by weather delays, defective pipe, and poor performance by the pipeline contractor.
On behalf of the owner, evaluated a horizontal directional drilling contractor’s plan as well as its actual execution of a drilled crossing of a creek and wetland area and provided expert testimony (at deposition) related to the plan, the execution, recommended guidelines, industry standards, and liability for the breach of an existing pipeline, the resulting release of product, and the damage to the environment.
Evaluated pipe welding problems and the documentation of increased costs associated with rework, extra work, labor inefficiency and extended site overhead costs on a pipeline project in Oklahoma.
Provided construction claims analysis services related to a major gas pipeline project. Prepared an Expert Report concerning evaluations, analyses, findings, and opinions regarding the claims filed by the contractor against the pipeline owner. Prepared a Rebuttal Report critiquing the opposing expert's report submitted on behalf of the contractor.
On behalf of the owner, performed an analysis of a French contractor’s $14 million delay and increased quantities claim on a 36-inch gas pipeline and valve station project.

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Pipeline and Compressor Station Projects
Analysis of an electrical and instrumentation subcontractor’s claim on behalf of the EPC contractor regarding a compressor station project. Assessed allegations of schedule impact and acceleration, and prepared an Expert Report that challenged the claims made by the subcontractor’s expert.
On behalf of the owner, prepared an Expert Report regarding the potential impact on the surrounding area caused by the construction and operation of a compressor station project.
On behalf of the compressor manufacturer, performed an analysis of delay and performance problems on a gas compressor/pipeline project resulting in liquidated damages in excess of $50 million. This project involved ICC arbitration in Geneva, Switzerland.
On behalf of the owner, performed an assessment of the contractor’s performance and construction productivity, an evaluation of the contractor’s target cost to complete a natural gas pipeline project, and quantification of costs associated with removing and replacing defective pipe.
On behalf of the owner, performed an analysis of an EPC contractor’s $43 million claim on behalf of the owner involving hundreds of alleged P&ID changes to the FEED design of a compressor station and pipeline project, and resulting delay to the completion of the project. Analyzed the technical entitlement to the P&ID changes based on standard industry practice for design development, the owner’s specifications, and the timing of the changes.
On behalf of the owner, analyzed the validity of costs that were invoiced by the contractor on a pipeline project. Prepared an Expert Report and testified in trial.
Reviewed owner’s ITB packages, contracts, project controls procedures, and contract administration procedures, and presented a Claims Prevention Seminar. Recommended clauses to resolve potential inconsistencies, ambiguities, and conflicts. Prepared clauses for cost and schedule control procedures.
Provided Claims Prevention Training Seminar for the National Gas Company.

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