Water / Wasterwater

Long International personnel have been involved in numerous claims and project consulting assignments associated with water / wastewater projects, as well as projects involving marine ports, sewers, sludge facilities, water distribution pipelines, and wharfs. Certain of these projects have been located outside the United States.

Water / Wasterwater
Marine Port
Northern Mariana Islands Prepared a contractor’s request for an equitable contract adjustment for changes in the scope and execution of the work required by a major redesign of marine harbor facilities for a port project.
Pennsylvania On behalf of a public owner, prepared an Expert Report evaluating a contractor’s claims for construction of a sewer expansion project.
Virginia On behalf of the contractor, prepared a response to the Sewer Authority’s estimate of potential costs of completing work items that were alleged to be incomplete or defective.
Virginia On behalf of the contractor, prepared an Expert Report in response to the Sewer Authority's estimate of potential costs of completing work items that were alleged to be incomplete or defective.
Sludge Facility
California Peer review of an analysis of a contractor’s right to recover damages for delay to early completion on an Activated Sludge Facility sanitation project in California.
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Alaska, New Mexico Performed an analysis of a contractor’s claims against the owners of wastewater treatment plant projects. Issues involved include delay, changes, defective specifications, and loss of productivity.
Colorado Provided schedule delay and damages analysis, and prepared an Expert Report and a rebuttal report for the general contractor in a claim against the owner on the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility.
Colorado On behalf of the contractor, developed and evaluated alternatives for the modification of a large wastewater treatment plant. The work focused on the identification and evaluation of project risks and cost/schedule impacts associated with each of several design/construction alternatives.
Iowa Prepared an Expert Report evaluating safety violations that caused the electrocution of a worker.
Ireland The project centered on the EPC design/build of a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant to replace an old existing and over utilized facility in order to meet the current and future needs of the city. Due to site constraints the plant involved stacking SBR’s on top of each other, and building the new works parallel to maintaining the old plant prior to demolition. EU environmental regulations were critical to maintaining high standards of odor and treated water outputs. The plant ultimately failed to meet performance standards, was delayed in construction, and had operational issues for the local residential areas. Engaged to provide support in developing the main contractor’s construction claims (in conjunction with the main contractor’s consortium partners) against the owner and assist with resolution of insurance claims for E&O problems during the design process. This involved CPM and disruption analysis, plus coordinating outside counsel and other experts to support the contractor’s position.
Kentucky The project involved the expansion and redevelopment of an existing wastewater treatment plant while maintaining service and operation of existing plant. Provided contract and claims support to the EPC contractor joint venture to ensure recovery of owner caused impacts throughout the construction process. This involved weekly contract support during construction as well as claims preparation including delay and disruption analysis and entitlement to damages.
Ohio Provided dispute resolution services for the City of Columbus’ wastewater treatment plant Project “88.” Participated in document research and discovery of 160,000 project documents. Created an as-built CPM schedule with over 1,600 activities in order to evaluate alleged delays and impacts. Performed a retrospective CPM schedule delay analysis to determine schedule delays to the critical path as well as project acceleration. Determined the validity of 141 alleged contractor claim issues with a value over $7 million. Scrutinized the cause and effect relationship between alleged impact issues and schedule delays. Assisted in damage calculations and manpower distribution analysis. Based on the team's analysis of the facts, the City of Columbus successfully negotiated an equitable settlement of claims.
Trinidad On behalf of the owner, performed an analysis of a $1.7 million claim for schedule delays and disruptions during the construction of two wastewater treatment plants and barometric condenser conversions at an oil processing unit. Prepared detailed CPM schedule analyses and Expert Reports. The dispute was successfully resolved prior to the arbitration.
Virginia Evaluated entitlement and prepared damage analyses for the general contractor on a $120 million water treatment reclamation facility regarding concrete cost overruns, and prepared weather impact study to be used in trial. Performed analysis of mechanical subcontractor’s loss of productivity and prepared general contractor’s extended overhead damages resulting from interference by other parties.
Water Distribution Pipeline
Montana Retained by an architectural design firm to defend against claims brought by a contractor for cost overruns and delays on a water distribution pipeline project.
California Evaluated entitlements and prepared the claim analyses for the contractor for a U.S. Coast Guard wharf at the Port of Los Angeles. Analyzed entitlement issues and wrote Expert Reports.

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