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Project Management Consulting

Depending on our client’s current and future needs on projects, Long International can assist in the critical aspects of project management, cost and schedule control, contract administration, claims prevention, and dispute resolution. Our services are structured to establish an open and collaborative environment between all key parties to evaluate project planning issues and facilitate identification of solutions. All services by Long International are performed by seasoned professionals who are well versed in all aspects of project delivery. These services can be provided individually or collectively at our client’s direction, and will be tailored to fit the specific needs of our client’s projects.

Project Management

  • Development and/or Review of Project Management Plans,
    and Project Controls and Contract Administration Policies
    and Procedures
  • Reviews and Critiques of Contract Documents, Proposals
    and Bid Packages to Identify and Eliminate Potential Inconsistencies, Ambiguities, Conflicts, Errors
    and Omissions
  • Analysis of Contract Language to Identify Exculpatory
    Clauses and Risks
  • Analysis of Technical Issues, Schedule Impact, and
    Pricing of Change Orders
  • Preparation of As-Planned Schedules and
    Schedule Updates
  • Schedule Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Cost Estimate and Forecast Reviews
  • Cost and Schedule Risk Analyses
  • On-Site Cost and Schedule Control, Progress Reporting, Schedule Development, and Assessment
    of Labor Productivity
  • Project Reviews/Audits
  • Contract Administration/Owner’s Representative
  • Preparation of Document Control and Tracking Procedures
  • Project Management/Controls Seminars
  • Claims Prevention Training Seminars