Mr. Rich is a Principal with Long International and has 40 years of experience in all aspects of electric power system design, installation, operation and maintenance. His expertise includes distribution, sub-transmission, and transmission systems upwards to 500 kV and generation and industrial plant distribution systems of 34.5 kV down to 480 VAC.

Mr. Rich previously led the General Electric Company (GE) Group in the development of substation and large EPC projects. In addition, he held a leadership position at a national protective relaying and substation EPC firm that specialized in protection and control and acted as a sales/application engineer to support advanced relaying, metering, and communication equipment and systems.

Mr. Rich has worked internationally and has been a project manager and lead engineer on many electric air and gas insulated substations and other specialized power projects such as static var compensator, cycloconverter, series compensation, harmonic filters, battery energy storage systems, and generation projects of many technologies. His clients have included large municipal and investor-owned utilities, generation and transmission cooperatives, independent power producers, large industrials, contractors, and consultants. Mr. Rich’s electrical expert services are all power related and have principally been associated with generation facilities. He has authored formal expert reports and has given arbitration testimony. Mr. Rich speaks on technical subjects, professional development, and ethics in various national and regional settings.


Professional Employee Management, General Electric Company, Crotonville, NY, 1989
B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Mississippi, 1981


Licensed Professional Engineer:
Arkansas (13372)
California (E012642)
Colorado (36979)
Connecticut (0027310)
Georgia (PE019529)
Hawaii (PE-11970)
Idaho (19029)
Kansas (20516)
Kentucky (19743)
Louisiana (PE.0032691)
Maine (10397)
Massachusetts (47926)
Mississippi (09525)
Nebraska (E-18107)
New Jersey (24GE03406000)
New Mexico (17716)
New York (069205)
North Carolina (031839)
North Dakota (PE-28683)
Oregon (81468PE)
South Carolina (22717)
Tennessee (124395)
Texas (96296)
Utah (6312125-2202)
Virginia (0402061133)
Washington (49768)
West Virginia (23993)
Wisconsin (37736-6)
Wyoming (10578)


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Senior Member
IEEE Power Engineering Society


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