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Project Management Consulting

We assist in critical aspects of project management, cost and schedule control, contract administration, claims prevention, and dispute resolution. We establish an open and collaborative environment among all key parties to evaluate project planning and execution issues and facilitate solution identification.

Project Management Consulting Services Brochure

Project Management Consulting Services Brochure


Our experienced professionals are well versed in all aspects of project delivery. At our client’s direction, we provide our services individually or collectively, tailored to fit each project’s specific needs. Our project management consulting services include:

Development/Review of Project Management Plans, and Project Controls/Contract Administration Policies and Procedures

We can provide guidelines and assist with the development and review of our client’s Project Management Plan to ensure that it sets forth the communication, management, control, and documentation policies, protocols, and procedures that our client intends for the project. We can thoroughly review and examine the plan to ensure that it re­flects the scope of work and responsibilities of each party engaged on the project.

Preparation of As-Planned Schedules and Schedule Updates

We can prepare or revise the baseline CPM schedule, based on the contract scope of work requirements, contractual deadlines, resource loading and constraints, procurement plan, construction equipment availability, subcontracting plan, and the contractor’s basic plan and sequence for performing the work. After the initial draft is prepared, the baseline schedule would be reviewed with the contractor to ascertain if it is consistent with the contractor’s objectives.

As work progresses, we can also prepare schedule updates based on the actual progress of the work and include in the updates any change orders and other delays that have affected or will impact the contractor’s planned performance. If requested, we can also meet with the owner’s representatives to discuss the baseline schedule and schedule updates. We can also prepare time impact analyses and requests for time extensions as a result of delays.

Cost Estimate and Forecast Reviews

We can review cost estimates as they are prepared for a project to determine if all of the work scope is included and advise our client if reasonable engineering and project management costs, equipment and materials costs, labor rates and productivity factors, and design development and contingency allowances are included based on the completeness of the engineering and design upon which the estimate is based.

We can then assist our client with cost forecasts as additional engineering is completed and field construction is performed to take into account equipment and material cost trends, impact of changes, actual engineering and construction labor productivity, and delays that would affect time-related costs.

Cost and Schedule Risk Analyses

Either as part of the baseline schedule preparation and initial cost estimate reviews, or as part of schedule updating and cost forecast process, we can provide risk analysis services that would apply Monte Carlo probability determinations based on risk factors known for the project and based on our experience.

Examples of risk factors that could affect schedule activity durations and costs include but are not limited to:

  • Uncertainty in the scope of the work
  • Uncertainty in quantities to be installed
  • Extended design development effort for “first of a kind” projects
  • Poor labor productivity
  • Unusually severe weather/natural disasters
  • Late governmental approvals, e.g., permits, customs, regulatory
  • Extended time required for procurement and delivery of equipment and materials

  • Civil unrest/work stoppages
  • Lack of qualified labor
  • Late funding approvals
  • Extended start-up period required to achieve full production
  • Differing site conditions
  • Unanticipated escalation of equipment and materials cost
  • Contractor default

On-Site Cost and Schedule Control, Progress Reporting, Schedule Development, and Assessment of Labor Productivity

We can provide on-site project management consulting expertise for clients needing experienced personnel who can be stationed at the project site. Using a structured approach for cost and schedule control, progress reporting, schedule development, and assessment of labor productivity, our involvement in the early stages of your project provides the greatest opportunity to control costs, schedule, and quality of the work most effectively. We tailor our on-site services to meet your specific needs. A sample of these services includes but is not limited to:

  • Development of procedures, standard reports, coding structures, metrics, and templates
  • Control budget development/perform job cost control
  • Development and coding of actual costs, coordination with accounting, and preparation of projected expenditures
  • Updating and tracking of contingency budget
  • Development and maintenance of change order logs and supporting documentation
  • Development and maintenance of request for information logs and supporting documentation
  • Development and maintenance of field change order logs and supporting documentation
  • Preparation/review cash­ flow reports
  • Baseline schedule development, including work breakdown structures, activity identification, durations, responsibilities, and resources
  • Development of project/construction management staging requirements
  • Verification of field progress/preparation of schedule updates
  • Preparation of look-ahead schedules
  • CPM scheduling training for client personnel
  • Identification of risks and impact issues
  • Analysis of schedule delays and impacts for extensions of time/compensable delay costs
  • Tracking of purchased and installed quantities, and corresponding labor man-hours/preparation of periodic labor productivity reports
  • Preparation of daily reports
  • Preparation and/or review of weekly reports and monthly progress reports
  • Linkage of CPM schedule to project cost report

Project Reviews/Audits

We provide project reviews/audits of the project management, contract administration, and project cost and schedule performance of active projects. We recommend these audits on projects at the following key milestones: (1) completion of basic design and development of detailed design procurement and construction bid packages; (2) 30 percent detailed design completion; (3) start of construction; and (4) start of piping erection or start of building interior buildout.

A project manager can be entrenched in the project details and optimistically believe the project is in better shape than it really is. The primary purpose of the project reviews/audits will be to verify that project personnel are following recommended practices for:

  • Cost control
  • Change management and control
  • Schedule reviews and approvals
  • Documentation control and maintenance
  • Provision of timely responses to contractor requests for information
  • Contract administration
  • Invoice reviews and approvals

Our experience in the analysis of problems on projects can be used to identify potential problems that may evolve into delays and cost overruns and recommend mitigation measures before such problems escalate into major disputes. Our recommendations provide practical solutions based on a cause-effect analysis. If the audit is performed early in the project, recommendations can be implemented to improve project execution and reduce time and cost overruns.

Other Project Management Consulting Services

We also provide the following services:

  • Reviews and critiques of contract documents, proposals, and bid packages to identify and eliminate potential inconsistencies, ambiguities, conflicts, errors, and omissions
  • Analysis of contract language to identify exculpatory clauses and risks
  • Contract Administration/Owner’s Representative

Standard of Care and Standard of Excellence Experts

Our experts have analyzed claims on some of the largest construction disputes in the world involving owner allegations that EPC or EPCM contractors failed to perform their work according to good industry practice or the standards of care and excellence identified in contract documents.


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