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Claims Prevention Training

Our experts have claims analysis and dispute resolution experience encompassing over 450 projects worldwide. This experience has taught us how to provide claims prevention services that save clients from costly consequences.

Claims Prevention Training Services Brochure

Claims Prevention Training Services Brochure


We have developed the comprehensive framework of a construction claims management course entitled “Prevention and Resolution of Engineering and Construction Claims Through Effective Contracting, Contract Administration, Project Controls and Project Management,” which we provide for our clients’ management, engineering, and construction staff. 

We tailor our seminar to each client’s organizational structure, project execution styles, and level of experience. The claims prevention training seminar can be delivered in a one- or two-day format depending on the level of detail that suits our client’s availability and needs.

Essential elements of our claims prevention training include:

  • Understanding contracts
  • Analyzing risks before signing contracts
  • Knowing the basic claim entitlements and avoiding them
  • Reviewing and approving as-planned schedules
  • Understanding schedule administration
  • Utilizing independent biddability and constructability reviews
  • Preparing quality contract documents
  • Implementing timely contract administration
  • Integrating cost and schedule control
  • Adhering to the contractual change management system
  • Requiring proper and thorough documentation
  • Documenting cause and effect of delays and increased costs
  • Mitigating potential claims during engineering and construction
  • Implementing periodic project reviews by senior management
  • Implementing an effective dispute resolution process

In addition to claims prevention training, we have developed detailed checklists for use during project execution to better enable our clients’ management teams to manage and control their projects. Checklist topics include:

  • Bid preparation issues
  • Reviews and approvals of as-planned schedules and schedule updates
  • Site inspections prior to bidding
  • Project documentation
  • Problem identification and analysis
  • Contractor’s risk analysis
  • Owner and contractor guidelines to prevent claims

Our Claims Prevention Training Seminar Manual covers:


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