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Engineering and Construction Claims Specialist Services

We have the qualifications, capability, and credibility to analyze problems and disputes, establish cause-effect relationships, and develop defensible and persuasive opinions about responsibilities for problems and their impacts.

We provide:

  • Engineering and construction claims consulting
  • Cost and damages analysis
  • Construction loss of productivity analysis
  • Schedule delay analysis
  • Standard of care analysis
  • Construction insurance claims analysis
  • Project management consulting
  • Risk analysis
  • Schedule quality assurance reviews
  • Claims prevention training
  • Arbitration and litigation expert witness services

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on the energy, industrial, mining, and infrastructure market sectors, including petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas production, oil sands, mining/mineral processing, power, manufacturing, transportation, water, wastewater, pipelines, utilities, and building projects. Depending on our client’s current and future project needs, we can assist in the critical aspects of project management, cost and schedule control, contract administration, claims prevention, and dispute resolution.  

Our engineering and construction claims specialists have designed and built projects, as well as managed project cost and schedule control functions. They have analyzed claims involving disputed change orders, schedule delay, acceleration, time extensions, liquidated damages, loss of productivity, defective specifications, deficient project management performance, standard of care, property damage, delayed start-up, advance loss of profits, and business interruption damages. Our professionals also serve as testifying experts in U.S. and international arbitration and litigation. 

After identifying our client’s needs, problems, or challenges, we develop a cost-effective scope, schedule, and budget for our work.


Excavator at a construction site

Construction Claims Analysis

We thoroughly analyze engineering and construction claims. Our experts testify on such topics as schedule delay and acceleration, quantum and damages analysis, loss of labor productivity analysis, and project management problems including standard of care.

Firefighter fighting fire from oil pipeline leak and explosion on oil rig

Construction Insurance Claims Analysis

We provide property damage, business interruption, advance loss of profit, and delayed start-up claims analysis as well as expert testimony services on construction related insurance claims.

Construction of gas pipeline

Project Management Consulting

We can assist in the critical aspects of project management, cost and schedule control, contract administration, claims prevention, staff augmentation, and dispute resolution.

Electrical towers and power lines

Risk Analysis

We identify the variables that may impact project cost and schedule and employ sophisticated cost and schedule modeling software tools. Our services can be used at the project start or during the project to better forecast the final cost and schedule completion.

Coal mining at an open pit

Dispute Resolution and Expert Testimony

Our experts are experienced with expert report preparation and expert testimony in U.S. and international mediation, arbitration, litigation, and ADR forums.

Highway tunnel

Schedule Quality Assurance Reviews

Our thorough quality assurance and quality control analysis includes reviewing the project schedule’s work scope, metrics, logic, and critical paths for reasonableness and completeness.

Industrial background with working gravel crusher

Claims Prevention Training

With our seminars and checklists, our decades of claims analysis and dispute resolution experience can help you prevent claims before they start.


Experience Matters

Our experts are ready to help.

Our extensive international experience includes large, complex, grass roots, revamp, and reconstruction projects incorporating conventional-phased, fast-track, and EPC turnkey concepts.