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Dispute Resolution and Expert Testimony

We understand the complexities of dispute resolution and have worked extensively with attorneys to identify documents for production, prepare and/or work with existing computerized document databases and internet-based document repositories, support witness statements, and prepare expert reports.

Engineering and Construction Claims Analysis and Expert Testimony Services Brochure

Engineering and Construction Claims Analysis and Expert Testimony Services Brochure


We have represented both the owner and the contractor in engineering and construction claim disputes and have testified in domestic and international arbitration and litigation proceedings as well as for proceedings held at the International Chamber of Commerce.

Our engineering and construction litigation expert witnesses participate hands-on in all our projects. They develop the methodology of our analyses, analyze the relevant documentation, prepare our work products, and develop the support for our opinions.

Each phase of arbitration or litigation may require dispute expert witness testimony. Our work to perform this testimony includes the following:

1. Prepare for testimony.
2. Provide expert testimony at depositions.
3. Provide arbitration/litigation expert testimony.

Other tasks that our clients may request us to perform during arbitration or court proceedings:

  • Develop Requests for Arbitration
  • Develop Detailed Memorials/Statements of Claim for Arbitration
  • Develop Detailed Responses and Counterclaims
  • Assist with Settlement Negotiations
  • Prepare Presentations for Use at Mediations
  • Assist with Developing Document Requests from Opposing Party
  • Assist with Developing Deposition Questions for Opposing Witnesses
  • Assist with Developing Interrogatories
  • Assist with Preparing Witness Statements
  • Prepare Issue and Event Timelines
  • Prepare Graphics for Technical Issues
  • Prepare Multimedia Graphics Presentations for Use at Trial or Hearing
  • Prepare Document Indices
  • Attend Depositions as Requested by Counsel
  • Perform Other Tasks as Requested by Our Client
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Graphic Services

Our services include graphic design, illustration, cartography, and graphic production for claims analysis and arbitration and litigation support.


Experience Matters

Our experts are ready to help.

Our extensive international experience includes large, complex, grass roots, revamp, and reconstruction projects incorporating conventional-phased, fast-track, and EPC turnkey concepts.