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Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical

United Kingdom

Prepared an extension of time claim for a Japanese contractor. The claim related to the construction of civil, structural, and building design work on a chemical plant project in the UK. Late access to the site and additional and modified work impacted the contractor’s execution of the work.

Offshore Oil and Gas

Brazil, United Arab Emirates

On behalf of an owner, assessed a contractor’s claims involving change orders, delays, and acceleration regarding the design and installation of the topsides for a deep-sea crude oil FPSO project to be installed in Brazil. Evaluated the contractor’s claims regarding loss of productivity for the refurbishment work of the FPSO vessel and for the topsides installation in Dubai. Also supported the owner in resolving a subsea contractor’s prolongation claim.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical


On behalf of an EPC contractor, evaluated the causes of cost overruns that it incurred during a project to upgrade the coker in a refinery. Although the work was performed under a reimbursable contract, the owner decided not to pay part of the costs due to an alleged agreement to cap the project management costs and fee.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical


On behalf of an owner, analyzed a Canadian contractor’s $25 million delay and disruption claim against the owner of a refinery. The venue was international arbitration under UNCITRAL arbitration rules. The contractor’s scope of work involved the construction of a new visbreaker unit, modernization of instrumentation facilities, and a revamp of a fluid catalytic cracker oil upgrading process unit. The project further involved the organization of thousands of documents and assessments of alleged delays and disruption impacts identified in change orders, correspondence, meeting minutes, disruption notices, monthly progress reports, and CPM updates. The scope of work also included a detailed CPM schedule analysis and the quantification of damages. Prepared an expert report in international arbitration prior to settlement of the dispute.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical


On behalf of an EPC contractor, analyzed delay and acceleration claims on the EPC of an ammonia plant project.



Assisted a contractor in resolving a dispute related to design changes and late and deficient owner-supplied materials. Prepared and reviewed notice letters and provided input for negotiations for a combined heat and power (CHP) project aimed to replace two old boilers and two steam turbines from an existing power plant. Proposed installed capacities for the project were 450MW of thermal heat and approximately 30MW of electricity. The thermal heat was supplied to an oil refinery and a petrochemical plant within the same site while electricity was supplied to the grid. The project also produced demineralized water.

Water, Wastewater, Dams, and Marine


Provided dispute resolution services for the City of Columbus’ wastewater treatment plant Project “88.” Participated in document research and discovery of 160,000 project documents. Created an as-built CPM schedule with over 1,600 activities in order to evaluate alleged delays and impacts. Performed a retrospective CPM schedule delay analysis to determine schedule delays to the critical path as well as project acceleration. Determined the validity of 141 alleged contractor claim issues with a value over $7 million. Scrutinized the cause and effect relationship between alleged impact issues and schedule delays. Assisted in damage calculations and manpower distribution analysis. Based on the team’s analysis of the facts, the City of Columbus successfully negotiated an equitable settlement of claims.

Industrial and Manufacturing


Prepared an electrical contractor’s claim involving engineering delay, errors and omissions resulting in workarounds and construction delays on the installation of life safety systems and instrumentation and control automation on a silicone chip plant and cleanroom facility in Colorado Springs. Performed a schedule analysis of delay impacts due to engineering rework and added change order work, causing schedule compression and acceleration with trade stacking, overmanning of crews with a shortage of qualified labor causing productivity loss due to overtime fatigue, lack of coordinated drawings, late material delivery, and substandard supervisory management and cost controls by the construction manager.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical


On behalf of an owner, reviewed a claim involving disputed change orders and extra work by a contractor against a chemical company of an EVS/CVS upgrade project.

Building Construction


Provided litigation support services for a $3 million real estate development project. Created as-planned and as-built CPM schedules for delay and acceleration evaluations including extensive analysis of weather delays.


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