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As part of the claim scheduling team, provided support documentation, presentation, and negotiation for a $30 million claim on the $400 million Boston Central Artery Project “Big Dig.”

Gas, Gasification, GTL, LNG, and NGL


Assisted with the development of a project management controls unit for a natural gas company. Prepared written findings and recommendations for establishing a project management controls unit and developing a project management methodology using a stage gate process.

Building Construction


A hospital facility was badly damaged during a major hurricane. Provided full insurance claim review services. Worked with claim adjusters to assess and review actual damage and required construction repair services. This involved a full construction assessment of building, services, and medical equipment damages including time/costs and rectification budget for repair and/or total replacement of facility.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical


On behalf of an EPC contractor, performed claims analysis, damages assessment, and delay evaluations on a $250 million refinery expansion project involving $20 million in damages. The primary issues included bid error, loss of labor productivity, delay and acceleration.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Manitoba, Canada

Developed a thesis for an Equitable Adjustment. Reviewed existing cost calculations and data and prepared Phase I findings regarding a claim for Equitable Adjustment for a law firm on behalf of a heavy civil contractor regarding the rehabilitation of a mine tailings management area in Manitoba.



Assisted an owner’s construction manager in the analysis of schedule delay and productivity loss claims submitted by a design-build contractor for the engineering and construction of a roadway project in Colorado. Parties settled prior to arbitration.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical


Provided a claims prevention training seminar for project management and contract administration personnel of a major U.S. chemical company on new boiler addition to an existing chemical plant. Reviewed contract and procedures proposed to be used for the project and recommended clauses to resolve potential inconsistencies, ambiguities, and conflicts. Prepared clauses for cost and schedule control procedures.

Oil Sands

Alberta, Canada

On behalf of an insurance company, analyzed a $500 million claim for business interruption losses due to delays to the startup and commissioning of an upgrader refinery that was built to process synthetic crude oil from an oil sands production facility. The delays were allegedly caused by a fire at the oil sands production mine site, which delayed the transport of bitumen to the refinery through a 200-plus-mile pipeline. Prepared detailed CPM schedule analyses and an expert witness report. Designated as a CPM expert witness in support of the ICC arbitration in Alberta.

Offshore Oil and Gas

South Africa, Angola

On behalf of an owner, analyzed a South African contractor’s $45 million delay and disruption claim involving the engineering, fabrication, and erection of two oil production facilities for a major U.S. oil company. Visited the facility offshore Angola during hook-up and commissioning to evaluate the contractor’s performance. Advised the client on the merits of the contractor’s claim to facilitate settlement.

Gas, Gasification, GTL, LNG, and NGL

British Columbia, Canada

Provided expert testimony in arbitration, on behalf of the designer and module fabricator, regarding owner claims of faulty workmanship, delayed project completion, increased project costs, and the designer’s counterclaims of unpaid invoices and change orders related to the design and fabrication of modules and the construction of a gas processing facility. Provided deposition testimony regarding an expert witness rebuttal report.


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