The mechanical subcontractor executed a contract with a power contractor to complete outage work and repowering of CFB Unit #1. The power contractor caused project delays and interferences that delayed the required work to a period outside of the specified outage period and resulted in a shortage of manpower. The mechanical subcontractor accelerated work to maintain the work planned for the outage period. This required additional coordination of utilities and steam blows and functional tests of fuel system, oil-fired burners, CFB boiler, air ducts, flue gas system and stack, feed water systems, etc. Engaged to provide claims review services. Evaluated owner and contractor claims, including a review of the CPM schedule submittals. Produced a schedule delay and productivity analysis to determine responsibility for project delays. The claims team found that power contractor delays and interferences were primarily responsible for the acceleration effort and difficulties experienced by the mechanical subcontractor during the mechanical completion and operational testing phases of work.


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