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Cumulative Impact and Other Disruption Claims in Construction


This book assists both contractors and owners by illuminating cumulative impacts as defined by the construction industry, courts, and boards. This information can help contractors prepare their damages and prove causation to recover costs that result from disruption and the cumulative impact of changes. Owners can use the book for cumulative impact assessment and to identify weaknesses in a contractor’s claim submittal to better defend themselves.

Cumulative Impact and Other Disruption Claims in Construction, by Richard J. Long, P.E., P.Eng.

Book Sample: Table of Contents, Preface, About the Authors, Index, and Case Citations


Topics discussed include:

  • Disruption and cumulative impact definitions
  • Legal considerations affecting disruption and cumulative impact claims and the challenges that contractors may encounter to sustain a cumulative impact claim
  • Methods for estimating loss of productivity man-hours for disruption and cumulative impact claims
  • Industry studies associated with overtime and overcrowding/congestion
  • Examples of productivity loss and cumulative impact calculations
  • Quantum/damages quantification methods associated with construction claims and in the context of preparing cumulative impact and other disruption claims
  • Information for preparing a cumulative impact or disruption claim during a project
  • Discussion of cause-effect analysis with sample illustrations
  • Court decisions awarding and rejecting contractors’ claims for disruption and cumulative impact claims
  • List of documentation that is typically preserved on an engineering and construction project

Cumulative Impact and Other Disruption Claims in Construction is 256 pages and includes color illustrations, a detailed topical index, and hundreds of referenced court and board cases. It costs US$95 plus shipping and handling. To order copies, click here or call the publisher at (877) 376-4955.


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